May 26, 2010 · Hailing from Michigan, Sebastian Sauve, 22, is a fan of dubstep, hacky sack, and the didgeridoo. He is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.
What does it mean when you text someone saying "Hey", and they reply with "Yes?"? Dating. It doesnt really mean anything , they are just pribably questioning why your saying hey to them , like... I am 16 soon. I work with someone that is 26 we talk a lot and I think I like him. He seems to like me as well. What should I do? Is this normal? Love
So I like a guy from high school but I thought I would never see him again because we graduated. So then now he lives close by though he is not outside all the time so I can’t really say hi or anything and he has a social media. Should I add him and talk to him. I mean he doesn’t really know me and I don’t know him but I want to know him.
He doesn't get announced like all the other characters after they've been unlocked, and unlocking him And what do you know, his time turning abilities work even in the Super Meat Boy universe This section lists all he other playable characters that are unlocked by any other means than the ones...